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    September 29, 2014

    Member Spotlight: Luciana Grosu

    Join us in sending a big congratulations to Luciana Grosu our new Member in the Spotlight. Read more about her below and see her profile here

    1. What first got you interested in youth issues?

    As a young person, I wanted to change the world ( and I still want, despite my bitter experience with the long time it takes to get from words to action) , so I thought that the most logical way to start is to join a strong and diverse global youth movement such as WYMD. I became a member after being a finalist in WYMD 2008’s Youth Essay Contest.At that time I was invited as a youth participant to attend the World Youth Movement for Democracy 5th Assembly in Kyev.
    I was also the World Youth Movement for Democracy 2010 Essay Contest Eurasia Regional Winner for the 2010 Essay Competition.
    Unfortunately, over the last few years, I saw most of my national civic involvement efforts failing and I can say that I never really had the chance to put in pratice any of the ideas I expressed in writing.
    Nevertheless, I still have a huge respect and admiration for WYMD members and I still hope to be able to join them one day in a global democracy-related initiative.

    2. If you could have any policy or law reform happen in your country right now, today, what would it be?

    I am a passionate supporter of the ancient , but innovative idea of direct democracy, an utopical political regime where citizens make and vote laws directly, with little to no political representatives being involved.I have quite a few ideas concerning the way such a political system could function in practice. Of course, I am aware I have no hopes to see this disruptive change implemented in my home country in the next 300 years or so…

    3. What global issue do you feel strongly about?

    I feel strongly about corruption and the issue of global corruption which I imagine as a network of networks of all corrupted political representatives coming together to rob the world of its beauty and generosity.Actually, we all know at least 10 politicians who should go to prison , yet roam free leading us and imposing us their injustice. Corruption is unfair, than we do we accept as a natural thing of life ?!

    4. What is your favorite quote and Why ?

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” ― Benjamin Franklin
    I believe that those people who accept dictature and lack of freedom, agree to trade both comfort and liberty for a meaningless life. This is true for Romania during the dictatorial regime of Ceausescu, but it is also true for my country and many other countries today.

    5. What is the most inspiring event or change that you have seen in the last few years?

    I’ve seen young people from Europe, Middle East and America taking into the streets with no fear and no desire to keep remaining silent . Many protests movements were born and many failed. But I believe the very spirit of protest remained : the courage to say « no » and the awareness that there is solidarity between us despite our differences.


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    September 24, 2014

    World Youth Day for Democracy 2014 is Quickly Approaching! Find out what we have in store this year.

    We celebrate World Youth Day for Democracy on October 18th!

    The World Movement for Democracy  will be supporting  Civicus’s Civil Society Behind Bars Campaign which brings awareness of activists around the world who are imprisoned due to their activism; promoting and protecting human rights and democracy

    The theme for the 2014, World Youth Day for Democracy will be:  Solidarity with Prisoners of Conscience 

    How can you get involved?

    Please see the list of political prisoners below


    We would like you to pick one activist that you would like to show support/solidarity for.

    Record yourself holding a white piece of paper with the name of the activist on it. You should say:

    “My name is (insert your name) and I support the release of (insert the name of the prisoner).

    In 45 seconds or less you can explain why you are supporting this activist.

    Please see an example here 


    You can do this individually and also with friends and coworkers.

    On October 18th, we would like for you to share your videos and comments on our facebook group. Please see the link below

    World Youth Movement for Democracy Facebook Group

    We will use your videos as tools to build this campaign in support for prisoners of conscience around the world.

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    August 25, 2014

    I Was Not Alone

    New Civic Space Initiative Video Release: Anti-Sexual Harassment Movement in Pakistan

    The World Movement for Democracy is pleased to announce the release of a new Civic Space Initiative video, I Was Not Alone. In the video, Pakistani activist Fouzia Saeed tells the story of working women’s struggle to secure their rights in Pakistan. Forming the AASHA movement, she and hundreds of others challenged a nation’s behavior towards working women. The movement led the whole country to stand together against sexual harassment at the workplace, resulting in passage of landmark legislation for the protection of women’s rights.


    Pakistan Flyer-page-001 Watch the video online.

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    August 18, 2014

    Introducing our 2014 Hurford Youth Fellow, Rami Soud from Jordan.


    Rami Soud


    Hurford Youth Fellow Rami Soud is from Jordan where he is the Vice President and Director of International Relations at the HIKAYA Center for Civil Society Development.  During his fellowship, he will be organizing online discussions on youth roles in social change processes and exploring how youth movements and pressure groups can contribute to democracy promotion.  His fellowship will run through mid-December.  Following his fellowship, Rami hopes to create an alliance of civil society organizations in the Middle East region that can share their expertise and experiences with youth activists.

    See Rami Soud’s Profile here.

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