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The World Youth Movement for Democracy (WYMD) is a network that aims to support the development of sustainable democracy movements by empowering the next generation of democracy activists. The World Youth Movement provides a space for young activists to build relationships with each other, to collaborate across borders, to deepen their knowledge on key issues, and to develop practical skills. It also serves as a platform for young activists to promote democratic values and a forum for sharing information and ideas. It is guided by a Leadership Board with representation from Africa, Asia, Europe/Eurasia, the Americas, and the Middle East and North Africa regions.


At the Third Assembly of the World Movement for Democracy in South Africa in 2004, a group of young democracy and human rights activists from around the world came together to found the World Youth Movement for Democracy to build the capacity of youth, exchange ideas and promote collaboration, and to strengthen international solidarity to support young people working in difficult circumstances. The network has since grown to over 1,200 members and is a functional network of the World Movement for Democracy, a global network of democracy activists, practitioners, and scholars.

Today the World Youth Movement serves as a platform for young activists to address the importance of promoting democratic values, a forum for sharing information and ideas, and an action-oriented, solidarity movement. It provides a space for young activists to build relationships with each other, to collaborate across borders, to deepen their knowledge on key issues, and to develop practical skills. Like the World Movement, the Youth Movement aims to support youth participation in efforts to strengthen democracy where it is weak, to reform and invigorate democracy even where it is longstanding, and to bolster pro-democracy groups in countries that have not yet entered into a process of democratic transition.


The mission of the World Youth Movement for Democracy is to serve as a platform for young activists to empower each other, share experiences, build solidarity among members, and to develop sustainable democracy and human rights movements by empowering a younger generation in democracy promotion activities.

 Our Principles:

Founded as a youth wing of the World Movement for Democracy, the Youth Movement shares the values and principles of the World Movement’s Founding Statement. These include belief in:

  • the universality of democratic values,
  • the importance of learning from others’ experiences in advancing democracy,
  • human rights, particularly minority rights,
  • broad public participation in politics, and
  • the importance of acknowledging the diverse forms of democracy around the world.

 Our Activities

The WYMD is a decentralized network for information sharing, collaboration, and solidarity. Therefore, individuals and organizations define their own roles in the network, participating in many different ways on many different levels.

All activities that develop as part of the WYMD will occur under four main areas:

  1. Capacity-building for conflict resolution and the non-violent promotion of democracy
  2. Advocacy and promotion of democratic values and human rights
  3. Networking to exchange ideas and promote collaboration
  4. Developing international solidarity networks, to support young people working in adverse circumstances

The WYMD Secretariat is currently working in collaboration with partners and participants to develop programs in these areas. Since international solidarity is a critical component of our networking efforts, the Youth Movement uses electronic alerts and statements to raise awareness of issues related to our members, and to call others to join in solidarity or to take action.

The simplest thing all participants can do is regularly share information with the network. We rely on contributions from participants to make the WYMD website a great resources for knowing what’s going on with youth democracy activism!

Act Locally!

To strengthen the pro-democracy movement at a truly grassroots level, some participants organize locally to strengthen networks, promote discussion and facilitate collaboration between pro-democracy groups in their area. They encourage the coordination of activities around the Global Youth Democracy Campaign on Launch Day, October 18, and throughout the year to motivate and support youth engagement with democratic practices and principles.


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  1. Great job, folks. New web site looks great! Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  2. Together we can advance democracy

  3. The strength of young people will always play a pivotal role in defining democracy all over the world. I am happy I am on this platform, I am learning and I am happy to be sharing the knowledge with everybody around me

  4. I’m glad am part of this platform, to impact and be impacted. Great initiative!

  5. When everyone works, Victory is always guaranteed. Let us keep preaching the gospel of democracy and right the thesis of democratic dividend – Power to the people.

  6. Democracy for Peace and Social Progress for live together without proplem in egypt and for the world
    Democracy for Peace and Social Progress for live together without proplem in egypt and for the world
    الديمقراطيه من اجل السلم الاجتماعى والتقدم من أجل العمل سويا لمجتمع راقى يقبل بحرية الفكر والتعبير ومشاركة المرأة والتعدديه الحزبيه ومشاركة جميع طوائف المجتمع والشعب فى الحكم ومحاربة الجهل والفكر والمرض من خلال اساليب ديمقراطية تجعل المجتمع أكثرا تطورا وايجابيا مع التغيير مع عالم افضل للجميع فى مصر وخارجها والتعاون مع جميع شعوب العالم فى المحبه والخير من اجل السلام العالمى

  7. I strongly support WYMD, because I know that youth in all around the globe need democracy as their way of life.

  8. WYMD is a very good initiative. It gives opportunity to the youths to participate actively in democracy issues in their countries

  9. exchanging experiences in youth work and activities in general and in activities which support the democracy life i think it is great work and we in Palestine need to exchange these activities to improve our activities
    thank you

  10. True* Democracy, Practicably[!} & (~) Instantly For All the World: A HOW TO


    A HOW TO

    (Ranked Ballot, plus “Organized Communications” gives us practicable instant true Democracy for all the world.)

    Because the simple yet transformative reform of Ranked Ballot, RB, gives an equal chance to all combinations of programs {not just parties} it is the only thing simultaneously both most just& most free. Because it always picks the one most in the middle, RB is more top dead center counter-extremist than all the many recent retrenchments combined (but once word got out). The “additive” form of RB is voters ranking candidates in order of preference. The first choices are counted, & then, if no one has 50%, the next choices are added in, & so on, until someone finally does. The competent have nothing to fear from such a reform. They would rise in any situation. Further, it wouldn’t really change the political climate of any area, just give its inhabitants more subtlety, adaptivity, light-footedness, objectivity, nuance& perfect reflection of their own desires. RB, plus the“instant” part, running on the single issue of RB, promising a citizens’ advisory association,& its board, based on “Organized Communications”, “OC”, randomly assigned discussion groups electing reps to higher& higher levels, by means of RB, ‘til one small group, most exactly in the middle, remains, will allow everything from sharing the work (Congress setting a small % whereby each hour’s subsequent wage must be raised above the first hour’s agreed upon rate) so as to create full employment, an incentive to be as productive as possible, end foot dragging & make no corporation too big to fail (workers knowing there’d always be more work) all the way to replacing public education with having to prove you can read to vote (now that learning is universally recognized). For those with fear of secret code & remote control of voting machines, the larger the discussion groups, the fewer the levels needed. RB will give us not only True Democracy, but also All Powers to Their Lowest Appropriate Level, An Ecological Politics, A PERFECT MARRIAGE OF Rich & Poor, Left & Right, FREEDOM& JUSTICE, Tradition & Modernity, Young & Old, Red, Black& White, Woman & Man& Palestinian & Jew, A Head for the Headless (technological) Beast, A Middle Way & even a Real Solution for Bleeding Syria, Ukraine, Central African Republic or wherever’s next. Ranked Ballot will even make possible GIVING THE ISRAELIS THE US IMMIGRATION QUOTA OF ANY NATION THAT DOESN’T RECOGNISE THEIR RIGHT TO BE IN ISRAEL (in word& in deed) & the immigration quota of any nation that doesn’t treat its women as perfect equals, to their women only.

    Because of its EQUAL CHANCE OF WINNING, RB’s basic, simple fairness/ egalitarianism will appeal it the minds of all the world’s poor. The world is still just on the edge of a whirlpool it has only begun to climb out of, & it is not yet clear whether we will be falling back in, to kill, torture& exploit each other to the end of time, not having a second perfectly sized& timed New World to save us again, be that descent by overpopulation or other profligacy, high-tech dictatorship, literalist, thermidorian or gangsterist contretemps, or economic, environmental or tectonic collapse. RB will solve the unsustainability of both of the two horse & buggy, two-party systems, whether king-of-the-hill presidential or biggest-gang-on-the-block proportional, a good source of all the world’s problems. RB will also give democratic-centralist regimes the means to avoid adventurism. It will put an end to war & all other forms of violence, past or present, retrieving thereby all the excess currently being wasted on dead-end non-productive military & policing uses. It will give us (virtually) instant TRUE democracy, for the entire world, no matter what ladders are pulled up behind. With RB, we could, for instance (should the people so decide) go with anything from a “GRADUATED WAGE” (“GW”) where the legislature would set a small % by which the pay for each hour beyond the first hour’s agreed upon rate would be increased, so as to share the work by masking employer hire more newbies, certainly before giving OT, all the way to replacing public education by requiring proof of the ability to READ in order to VOTE. With GW, employers would still have the right to fire for laziness or incompetence,& hire for less or more than the maximum work week, but sharing the work in this way might, especially with a little talk& advertising, cause workers to see the self-evident fact that their greatest good was to be found in putting in a good day’s work, once they knew that they’d not only always be able to find other work, but also that they’d end up with shorter hours, greater productivity& greater wealth. (Meanwhile, the percentage difference between a 40 hour week& a 35 hour one is greater than the UNEMPLOYMENT rate at the height of the“Great Recession”.)With the notion of literacy having become commonly accepted, it might be seen that government has given learning all the incentive it really needs & so it would be better served by the free market.

    While certainly POWER finally belongs to THE INDIVISIBLE INDIVIDUAL, the great unifying effect of RB (aka IRV, Preferential, Australian or Choice Voting) will give us the correct answer to ALL things, whether desired or feared (even if not necessarily in the form imagined) though at the risk (& benefit) of people changing their minds,& virtually instantaneously (what with RB’s equal chance for all programs), though all the while materially establishing the principles of Justice as the redress of past violence, Freedom as its current absence & Non-Violence as the basis of all morality, be that violence by individuals, groups *or* the state. Because everyone works hardest when they work for themselves, the greatest good is to be found in the greatest number working for themselves, which will increase, once there’s GW, what with all that extra wealth & free time. Even so, we’ll still need an adequate, howsoever minimalist, safety net, till we finally work out the ups & downs of free markets & to redress previous condition*S* of servitude.

    Because of RB’s equal chance of winning, it has brakes, reverse, 3D, hyper-drive, subtlety, light-footedness& objectivity. Both more Freedom& Justice (free market& commune-ity) can be found in RB than in any ideology. Brakes& Reverse mean NO MORE NEED TO SUPPRESS POPULAR MOVEMENTS around the world. Light-footedness means that the concerns of BOTH passions, (Justice *and* Freedom) will have input & be given real time consideration at every point. RB is to the two-party systems as shopping at the Mall of America is to shopping in Soviet Russia. RB would be equally useful for all systems, parliamentary or presidential (the parliaments by picking their Prime Ministers by RB from among the members, so as to prevent the rise of *yet another* extremist monster) coops, collective leaderships, tribal groupings, religious confessions, political parties & /or associations. RB is the sole unchangeable plank and bylaw of the PREFERENTIAL BALLOT PARTY, the only PRACTICABLE alternative party. Of course, it’d mean lots of folks having to let go of their nut (to get their fist back out of the hole) resting in the knowledge of RB’s sure aim, as if anyone could then care what the exact denouement might be. Or, we might just go with satellite solar collectors to fulfill everyone’s dreams, but then, we’ll only boil the atmosphere away before we’re done, if we haven’t already done so yet. Putting any program before needed reforms to the system means you’ll get neither, but RB will give us both.

    Americans really only have debt to Blacks & Native Americans, & *responsibility* for things like dislocations & shock therapy of high tech dumping. NO WOMAN EVER GOT PREGNANT TO HAVE AN ABORTION, but RB would create the sort of world in which the question was absurdly moot. One of the PRACTICABLE, POINTED, PERTINENT& COMPLEX things that might result from *RB* would be a perhaps more PRACTICABLE SOLUTION FOR HEALTH CARE than the current overly bureaucratic plan: coop/single-payer for generics & free market for all else, the free market side to avail ourselves of its great innovation (& to tell the world not to destroy the right of individuals to make agreements between themselves), the coop/single-payer side for eliminating the wheel-spinning middleman, & for convenience, like that of the interstate, another NATURAL MONOPOLY. Definitely, there should be single payer for *communicable* disease. The plan even failed to allow insurance companies to operate
    across state lines, expand Medicaid sufficiently to cover all the uninsured, subsidize prevention& /or have the localities *set up* the coops as well. It’s just a product of the two-party system we’re stuck in. Likewise, tolls are really just spinning wheels & electronic tolls are so anti-freedomist as to make the Libertarians look autistic. Full employment so far is an economic fiction not corresponding to the real lives of actual people. As long as health insurance is tied to employment, there will always be those between jobs, or moving to another state, & so without insurance& /or healthcare. Single payer might yield the greatest worker (& thus economic) mobility & undercut the last excuse for all-too-often-conspiring-in-restraint-of-trade-parochial-&-extortionistic big labor & thus make us globally competitive once again. We could start with the biggest users, & curing them, learn as we go how to prevent their conditions. All anyone should need is proof of identity & the location of the nearest local preventive/primary care clinic. Electronic records will prevent any doctor from claiming more patients than is humanly possible. It should be coop health care, so that those with moral qualms could have rules that suited themselves, though any subsidization of more than replacement offspring should be ended. There is no doubt a critical mass at which a coop would be able to take care of its members & we should determine that number. In HOUSING, while landlords (& others) need to be forbidden from charging late fees that amount to many hundreds %, we need to lay the housing shortage,& hence ethnic conflict, as well as the gutting of America’s industrial might, at the feet of the unions (who bid themselves *out-of-existence*). Let the poor use food stamps at soup kitchens, to self-organize, double up& take care of their own housing needs cooperatively. Subsidize food *storage*, not production, &
    likewise educational *infrastructure*: 24/7 INFINITELY REITERATIVE TEACHING MACHINES, broadband, distance learning, standardization of rote subjects & teaching *facilities*, NOT tuition. A greatly expanded& targeted Small Business Administration, not to mention a greatly expanded& targeted Coop Business Administration, is the way to go for the statists among us, but the burden of proof lies with them for any new programs they’d propose. A GEOTHERMAL HEAT PUMP BAN to prevent catastrophic tectonic activity. Committee Chairs chosen by members of committees, not seniority, & committee assignments made randomly. Let those with special interest testify, not rule. CABLE CHOICE, so we can all walk among each other without fear & anger, blissfully ignorant of our divisions, ’til that blindness brings us all to laughter. HALF OF ALL LEGISLATURES & committees WOMEN, ie: two seats per district, since gender is the only self-evident affirmative category, besides previous condition of servitude, which however lacks gender’s permanence. Unless all the world’s women have total control over their own bodies (not yet necessarily permanently assured anywhere) no program or condition will ever amount to anything because over-population will just eat it up. A NO STRIKE FOR WAGES PLEDGE by all unions, especially if card check passes & everyone gets unionized, because it’s just chasing your tail to be constantly trying to get one up on your “brother”. *Gradually*, over a generation, pay for DEFENSE with an IMPORT TAX, especially on oil, though all other imports as well. They’ll long since have got the point before we get to too high a barrier. Treat boo like beer & save billions a year, to totally end the unnecessary& wasteful POLICE-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX & turn three whole generations, since WWII, from cop haters to warriors against the truly dangerous drugs. A fast acting aphrodisiac will never be defeated.

    PRIORITIZE BILLS in all legislatures by the #/cosigners,& not dictatorial, deal making leaderships. A RANDOM PRIMARY PROCESS, one state eleven months before the next election& one more state than the previous month each successive month, till the remainder vote in the month before the actual election. Though how a party chooses its candidate none of the state’s business. TAX CONSUMPTION, NOT INVESTMENT, so as to spread the productivity around. SOCIAL SECURITY should not be ended short of making 100% of *invested* income tax free. A SUPERMAJORITY for major appointments, like the Supreme Court, Defense& Law Enforcement. WE COULD GO SILENT & shut out the lights. It’s not like we’re going anywhere soon. In any event, the fiercer the history of the planet, the sooner it would have arrived at a state of ethnic homogeneity,& thus been blissed out behind Democracy. How can we ask it of any if we do not have it ourselves? It must be in somebody’s interest. Ten to the power of ten (ten levels of groups of ten) would be sufficient to include, organize& UNITE ALL INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS OF HUMANITY, not just elites. If you’re paranoid, do the same, from the most local on up, wherever you are.
    RB is in Portland, Maine; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Telluride, Colorado, San Francisco, Oakland, Memphis. Good enough for New Zealand, Australia, Kerala India(?), Iraq (even if not quite instantaneously, though for the selection of its President, by a 2/3 vote of the parliament, not the people& only in the first round, with a contest between the top two in the second, ie: a snail mail run-off), London, Ireland for the selection of its President, the Province of Ontario, Cambridge Mass, Burlington& 95% of the townships of Vermont, Pierce County Washington, the Twin Cities, San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland& San Leandro CA, the Utah Republican Party for the selection of statewide candidates (even if only once upon a time), the platforms of both the Green& Libertarian Parties & MANY COLLEGE STUDENT BODIES across the US, with more coming every year, but not good enough for the rest of us?

    ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL, nothing should prevent individuals from entering into agreements with each other, or to engage in activities the collective does. Dems (& Reps & 3rd Parties) need to start running their own primaries, using RB, Organized Communications & progressive party dues (in the case of leftwing parties) or, (in the case of right wing parties) bidding for seats on the board, or buying partnerships or stock in the party. The form chosen will no doubt determine the result. *RB* will save vast sums for us all, as TV & RADIO ads will no longer be needed, especially once the candidates have been named. It would be impossible for big media to ignore their web addresses, no matter how much they want to hold us all up for the coverage. No-one should be allowed to own stock in any type of broadcast station (or vertically integrated communications company?) who doesn’t live within that station’s broadcast area, no-one should be allowed to own more
    than one share in any station, &/or no-one should be allowed to be a partner in more than one station, but public finance of culture is the same as that of religion, really unseemly. On the other hand, the economy only needs to be a little more free market than all the rest, NO SHOCK THERAPY REQUIRED. Greater global competition will not hurt anyone. We’ll just end up with better goods at lower prices. Globalists invest in whatever they think is most productive, which just may not be local. Do away with FREE TRADE & everything will cost way more. Companies buying other companies can result in economies of scale, in which case it is a good thing. One of those economies is the need for fewer of the hated managers & administrators per worker, but now that great computing power is available to all, the trend of consolidation should subside if not reverse. *Plus*, less likelihood of war. There is a short list of things that will increase & *PRODUCTIVITY* & hence wealth& employment, such as: man-hours, technology, skill levels, savings, efficiency, raw materials, energy, lack of corruption & waste, predictability& not spending the wealth of those yet to be born. A STRAIGHT LINE PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX from zero, for some low point, where all the Congress can do is set the slope of a line, essentially producing infinity of rates, not the two or three insultingly retrograde tiers they did come up with, at the start of the computer age! In any event, a straight line Progressive Income Tax is all the socialism anyone should need. Norman Thomas’s actual platform was to the right of the Democrats of today. A *simple*property tax, based on the total square footage of all land and floor space of each property, regardless of improvements, would be the most efficient & incorruptible way to go, as well as encourage improvements. *Broad strokes* usually are best.

    The two-party system is only good in a crisis. A hundred years ago even America had no cars or indoor plumbing, land was cheaper, cobblestone streets, practically no one went to college, there was no third world competition& most folks worked way longer just to feed themselves. That’s the best we could do then, but TIME TO UPGRADE TO the small, but infinitely powerful, improvement, reform& social technology of RB. JUST CUT 5% across the board, don’t spend a cent more than you did the previous year,& /or go to % of receipts budgeting, as opposed to the current absolute dollar amount system,& work out the adjustments later. Just withdrawing from the world will only make us have to pay more down the road, perhaps our Freedom. With all the recent US talk about “independent”(read bi-partisan through duopolistic) REDISTRICTING commissions, a worthy (yet apparently unmentionable) possibility would be to limit, & make-equal, the number of changes of direction of all legislative districts’ boundaries. Give the immigration quotas of countries that don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist, to the Israelis. Give the quota of countries that don’t accord their women full human rights to their women only. Decrease the immigration quotas of countries that don’t achieve population limitation. Decrease the amount of Aid to Families With dependent Children for each additional child& Eliminate tax deductions for more than the replacement to two children, ie: ~two children halfway through a couple’s average lifetime. If need be, satellite solar collectors Yet Longitudinal Regionalism is the wave of the future, because it’s more economical. Palestinian & Jew, as members of worldwide coops, instead of struggling with each other over a sliver of desert, once they’re BOTH made to adopt RB. All the fairness, payback& make-up one could wish for, clean back to the Cro-Magnons, a real solution to terror,
    ecologically sustainable politics, what’s best for all workers, instant global women’s liberation, world-wide luxury, a rationalization of the drug war, human unity, ultimate retail politics, perfect compromise, “phantasmagoric subtlefaction”, real-time alternatives to all proposals, from wherever: market, coop or social (or tribal, theological or universal), an answer to infinitely more questions at a time than the two party system’s “who’s less bad”, an adequate safety net, no more need to suppress popular movements around the world, more Liberty & Justice than can be found in any ideology, subtlety, responsivity, light-footedness, long-sightedness, economy, frugality, accountability, an end to all the various forms of hegemonism (whether up front, subterranean or unconscious) in exchange for the so great burden of leading the world to the light. no more need to fear self-expression, politics as if a family discussion around the kitchen table, no more jumping back & forth between extremes, with its consequent absence of the economists’ requirement of predictability for growth, the Freedom of Justice& the Justice of Freedom& perhaps eventually, even more than inadequate global confederation, but with all powers to their lowest appropriate level. Perhaps it might result, at least economically, in some combination of THE WORLD’S WASTED WEALTH II: Save Our Wealth, Save Our Environment by J W Smith, Institute for Economic Democracy, Cambria, CA& GRAND NEW PARTY: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class& Save the American Dream by Ross Douthat & Reihan Salam, Doubleday, Planet Earth, but with all our other inputs as well. This is what is known as the formlessness of forms, aka what works, ie: pluralism. All human evil is due to the OUT OF PHASE FLUCTUATION OF POPULATION & FOOD SUPPLY, from the time the first hunter remembered the first fight over stray injured game in a bad year. Noone alive is responsible for the mess we find ourselves in, except for what they do now. Occupy the solar system. Help put this idea, in time, to as many as possible, before overpopulation, high-tech dictatorship, literalist, criminal or thermidorian contretemps, or economic, environmental or tectonic collapse.

    Parliaments need to perfect their greater choice by using RB to select the Prime Minister so as to end their last vestige of biggest-gang-on-the-block-ism. What soldier, knowing the demonstration was for Ranked Ballot, would fire on his fellows? What if any or all the Olympic winners had shown the sign letters for RB from the podium? RB will give the people a sufficiency of unity of spirit, vision, voice & action for all authentic purposes. Could A World-Wide Strike for True Democracy be far behind? What shining compromise might result from RB, now that those heroes of the Egyptian revolution, Facebook, requires photo id, so as to sell our personal info to the highest bidder, no matter how authoritarian. Were the US military to be defending a nation based on RB, the whole world would be falling all over itself to join its cause. (“RB, don’t leave home without *it*”.)

    The cost of a full page US national ad, sufficient to put RB to virtually all the world, would be repaid in no time at (pre 9/11) US defense spending of ~$10,000 per family. Just go out & collect signatures to get on the ballot, asking those who sign to collect them for you as well. Consider that which is common in the sight of all men. Men do not light a light& set it under a bushel. The maker & sustainer of this world & cosmos could have no need of it. He could just tear it up& start all over. It would be absurd to think that the original vision of commune-ism did not involve democracy& egalitarianism as the end & not the (at best) temporary emergency expedient of centralism, now that the king is dead. The great committee of proportionally, one male& one female, of each of the three adult age groupings of youth householder& elder, of each of the four tribes of man : Nordic, Mediterranean/Arab/Jew/Hindu, African& Oriental & of the three body types of forest, plains & mountain,& /or such a result as would reflect what that would have created. All these men of violence need to have a presidential council, in which a new member gets elected every term, so that they may retire gradually, without having their egos shattered, ie: a collective leadership. Also, an equal number of women as men on all committees.
    The lodestar of *RB* should be constantly kept in mind, no matter what situation an individual find themselves in. Only those who are afraid of the strength of their own arguments in the market place of free ideas could oppose this. What soldier, knowing that the demonstration was for RB, could fire upon his fellows? How can any ask it of others if they do not have it themselves? Let one Olympic athlete show the sign for democracy (or the letters RB) from the podium. Tell us where we’re wrong. RSVP.

    Please see:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranked_voting_systems,http://www.fairvote.org/colleges-and-universities-using-instant-runoff-voting,http://www.fairvote.org/where-instant-runoff-is-used.

    zoe morgan roman sydney christian zee
    preferentiality on yahoo groups
    Planet Earth

  11. There is need for the gathering of active youth around the world to come together yearly, to brainstorming in other to build a better front for youth in todays Democratic system of Government. It is to this end, I encourage everyone on the struggle for a better Democratic system of governance in their various countries. Long live democracy, long live WYMD, long live every true youth activities and advocate of sustainable democracy.

  12. most people in Africa say democracy is a foreign concept.but what i ask ,is true is a foreign concept but then the values of this concept are the not universal values needed by all Nations?

  13. Many Africans still think Democracy is meant for the others or is a way to manipulate ,I beg you by the time we start looking at the values of this system of government then we will boast of great development in all aspects of our society , everything got its limitation but Democracy is far off better than any other system of governance ,its inclusive ,respectful and positive results oriented

  14. to have strong youth is a good perspective but to do learn them democracy is the most important, because democracy is a very good thing that a man should learn, or herit from our elders or fathers . so if they have not built it we who still youth we may leave it for our youngs. i love democracy and i invit people to build their vision on it

  15. This is a very good initiative that will bring youths around the World to join hands for Sustainable actions in favor of DEMOCRACY

  16. NewSETA,is working on her peace training program REPAIR (Rebuilding peace through actions with Inclusive Reach) scheduled for the 1st-4th March 2016 in Cameroon,Yaounde .This is the last phase for this years edition 2015/2016.The central theme is on Democracy and Leadership.what role do we youth play to make these powerful concepts , take a physical form in our day to day interactions and system of governing.We belief that youths need thought training on these domains if we wish to be the successors of tomorrow.

  17. NewSETA organize la dernier phase de sont programme REPAIR (Reconstruit la Paix par le bias des Actions Inclusive et Repandus) pour cette edition ,du 1er-4Mars 2016, Cameroon ,Yaounde,le theme central portera sur La Democracy et le Leadership,nous examinerons des sour-themes , qui on pour but d; evaluer l,engagement des jeunes Camerounais dans la promotion des valeurs de la democracy et le leadership.Nous pensons que pour une jeunesse qui s,appret a prendre la releve de demain,elle a besoin d’une formation de qualite dans les domains de Democracy et leadership.

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