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NAYMOTE has established a new program called the Young Political Leadership School (YPLS)

July 14, 2016 in News by DYN Admin

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The overall goal of this YPLS project is to improve the effectiveness of youth participation and leadership in politics. The program provides participants the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the political process, gain new skills needed for political activism, and create valuable networks with like-minded young politicians. The Young Political Leaders are drawn from a cross section of Political Parties, University Student Leaderships and Community-Based Organizations that are passionate about improving Liberia’s democracy and electoral politics through effective youth leadership and participation.

From April 4-8, 2016 the first semester of the YPLS was held to build the capacity of a cadre of Young Political Leaders, Campaign Organizers, and Campaign Managers from political parties, independent candidates and youth’ groups. 43 students representing 11 political parties, 7 universities’ student leaderships, and other community-based organizations were trained and equipped with knowledge on the rudiments of political engagements, elections rules, regulations and procedures as well as strategies to be responsive to the national political environment with special focus on the 2017 general elections.

This initiative is building strong momentum within the youth sector, increasing the political knowledge of young political activists and is being morally supported by international partners, the United Nations Mission in Liberia, the US Embassy/Ambassador, the Ambassador of Sweden, etc.

Indeed, the Young Political Leadership School is dear to our heart as an institution because NAYMOTE believes that it is more than a school. It is part of a revolution to transform our political system for the good and ensure that solution to communities’ problems and passion for development remain a major component of the framework within which political parties compete.

Find YPLS Newsletter here.

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