New Leadership Board members are here!

March 10, 2016 in Elections for Leadership Board, Leadership by DYN Admin

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Below you can find the list of WYMD Leadership Board members.

Europe / Eurasia

Besart Lumi photoBesart Lumi – Kosovo

Daria mustafina

Daria Mustafina – Ukraine

Middle East / North Africa


Rami Soud – Jordan

Seddiqah Almahdi

Seddiqah Almahdi – Saudi Arabia



Nishchhal Kharal – Nepal


Hasna Nikmah – Indonesia

Sub-Saharan Africa

Noutcha Prudence

Noutcha Prudence Lubiche Issoy – Cameroon

david chidende

David Chidende – Zimbabwe

The Americas and Caribbean

Tania Lopez Lizca profile

Tania Lopez Lizca – Colombia

EmilioOrellana (1)

Emilio Orellana – El Salvador

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3 responses to New Leadership Board members are here!

  1. Congratulations to ALL of us and those who did not make it ,note this you lost a battle not a war ,you all are also very competent as anyone of us ,making a single choice is always the greatest battle.WE ARE ALL WINNERS BECAUSE WE ALL GOT SOMETHING TO MAKE A CHANGE IN THE WORLD.TODAY may not be your turn but know this YOU GOT A TURN TOO BECAUSE YOU TOO ARE A LEADER AND YOUR TURN MIGHT BE TOMORROW DON’T GIVE UP KEEP WALKING THE TALK .

  2. Congrats to you all, most especially Prudence… Proud of you sis.

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