The Youth Initiative for Human Rights

(hereinafter the Initiative) is a regional network of non-
governmental organizations with programs on the territories of Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro
and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Initiative was formed by young people from these countries in order to enhance youth participation
in the democratization of the society and empowerment of the rule of law through the process of facing
the past and establishing new, progressive connections in the post-conflict region of former Yugoslavia.
The Initiative was formed in 2003, and more than 30 people work on various projects on a daily basis.

The work of the organization also includes several hundred activists. The mission of the Initiative is to
protect the victims of human rights violations, establis new connections in the region among the post-
war generations, as well as to include the young in the process of transitional justice, through promoting
the truth about the wars in former Yugoslavia.

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights promotes the truth, justice, responsibility and equality as the
basic values. The Initiative has offices in Belgrade, Pristina, Podgorica, Zagreb and Sarajevo. The Youth
Initiative for Human Rights in Serbia has two programs: Transitional Justice and Human Rights, as well as
the Training Center.

Red Latinoaméricana Jóvenes por la Democracia

Somos Jóvenes Latinoamericanos miembros de movimientos estudiantiles, de organizaciones de la sociedad civil y de partidos politicos que levantamos la voz ante los abusos de poder por parte de los lideres de los gobiernos de nuestra region para defender las instituciones democraticas y el Estado de Derecho.



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