Situación de Derechos Humanos en Venezuela (Comunicado)

February 25, 2015

COMUNICADO de UN MUNDO SIN MORDAZA Situación de Derechos Humanos en Venezuela Desde hace un año, Venezuela ha sido escenario de manifestaciones en muestra…

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Tortura blanca a jóvenes en “la tumba” de Venezuela

February 20, 2015

 Desde hace unos días se ha hecho pública la noticia de que en pleno corazón de la capital de Venezuela, Caracas, específicamente en la…

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Margarita Valdes

Join Us for Our Next Online Event on Young Journalists & Anti-Corruption

August 20, 2013

Send your questions and comments with twitter hashtag: #wymdlive Follow us: @WYMD Journalists play a crucial role in the fight against corruption. In environments where citizens…

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Webinar – Online Mechanisms for Seeking Offline Accountability

July 28, 2013

  More connected than ever before, young activists recognize the importance of online tools in building new systems to ensure accountability, transparency, good governance…

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Webinar – Youth Standing up to Corruption

July 12, 2013

with presentations by David Riveros García, Paraguay Reacción Juvenil de Cambio (Youth Change Reaction) Sadia Doha, Bangladesh Young Professionals Against Corruption Ahmed Hadji, Uganda African Youth…

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